Director’s Statement

From my early childhood, I can remember being totally captivated by Buster Keaton in such films as The General, College, Go West, and Seven Chances, to name a few, performing impossible high jinx feats with comedic timing beyond compare. I suppose you could say I never lost my fascination for the ability to tell a story with a visual style requiring no dialogue except the occasional scripted line appearing on the screen, and yet still managing to keep an audience at the edge of their seat with anticipation and laughter.

Since then, I have continued to enjoy and be influenced by many other silent greats: Clara Bow as the It Girl; Louise Brooks in Pandora’s Box, Diary of a Lost Girl; and, of course, Mary Pickford – one of the very first film pioneers in her own right – in The New York Hat, Sparrows, and Coquette. When Amy Staats came to me with the idea of making a film that would bring together the two silver screen goddesses, Mary Pickford and Louise Brooks, and make them talk, my interest was immediately piqued.

Mary & Louise, penned by Ms. Staats, is a nod to the timelessness and beauty of an era long gone but not forgotten, and brings together the classic combination of America’s Sweetheart and the Iconic Vamp. How could I resist? I was intrigued not only by how this script addresses the transformation of a world tilting into huge technological change, but also by the way the friendship of these two glorious characters is challenged, and how they must find a voice within to express their new identity in this modern day landscape.

We intend to stay true to the visual black and white cinematography with original music, thus evoking the timelessness of this era.  It is our aim to capture both the humor and honesty told in this silver screen tale. Mary & Louise is an edgy comedy with dark undertones that revels in the painful beauty of the human condition and the endless quest to stay true to the voice within and what we love most.

We hope very much you will join us on this ride across time.

With love,